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Extractions: Focusing on Patient Comfort

Many dentists refer every extraction to a specialist called an Oral Surgeon. At Patterson Family Smiles, most extractions can be performed safely and conveniently right here in our Clayton office.

It is the goal of everyone in this office to provide a safe, friendly, and comfortable atmosphere to every patient, particularly those dealing with extractions.

Extractions, Implants, and More: The Surgical Procedures Patients Can Receive Here

1. Extractions

This office is equipped to perform general and surgical extractions. Patients who need a tooth pulled because of gum disease or deep decay don’t have to worry about going to a specialist. They can be taken care of by their full-service dental practice.

2. Dental Implant Surgery

Many patients would like to replace their missing teeth with implants. From start to finish, this dental team can take care of a patient’s dental implant needs. They can get their tooth extracted, have the site bone grafted, receive a dental implant, and have the tooth placed, all in our office.

3. Baby Tooth Extractions

Sometimes baby teeth need to be helped out, either because of a painful cavity or because it is blocking the adult tooth from growing in. We can help make this an easy, non-scary appointment for your child!

State-of-the-Art Facility Allows the Dentist to Care for All of Your Dental Needs

The Patterson Family Smiles office was recently renovated to update our facilities and equipment. This equipment allows the dentist to take care of most of the patient’s dental needs, including extractions.

Rabun County patients will be glad to know that the office is also located close to Ingles, making Patterson Family Smiles easily accessible.

Patterson Family Smiles: Full-Service, Quality Care in Clayton, GA

Patterson Family Smiles is committed to providing patients in Clayton with the best dental care. Part of accomplishing that is being a full-service dental practice where patients can get all of their dental needs cared for in one place. With our caring, friendly dental staff, patients of every age can be positive they’ll be well-cared for.

Are you looking for a quality, full-service dental practice? Contact us today to schedule a new patient examination. We look forward to serving your dental needs.



(706) 782-5414


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