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Our Friendly Staff

Joy Gaines- Dental Hygienist

Joy has been a dental hygienist for 20 years and is dedicated to staying at the forefront of dental hygiene. Her bright and warm personality will make you feel right at home. Joy grew up in a dental office (her mom is a dental assistant) and is passionate about her patients. Joy has always known she wanted to work in the dental field, and she loves building relationships through educating people about their oral health. She has an energetic young daughter, Tallie.

Lin Campbell Thompson- Hygienist

Lin was born in Augusta Georgia, but she first worked at this very office as a dental assistant with her dad, Dr. Campbell, when she was 13! Lin has 44 years of experience working in dentistry. Her passion for dentistry started with her father, and motivated Lin to become a licensed dental hygienist, a profession she says suits her because of her attention to detail and the satisfaction that comes with helping people improve their oral health. Since joining Patterson Family Smiles, Lin has brought a joyful energy to the office, and continues to improve the lives and well being of her patients.

Lin and her husband of 37 years, Perry, have three children and two grandchildren, with one more on the way! They have also foster parented four children. They have four dachshunds, which makes for a busy, happy home.

Jill Clark-  Dental Hygienist

Jill has been a dental hygienist at this office for 13 years! A Clayton native, Jill loves teaching patients about their teeth and how to keep them healthy. Patients most often describe Jill as sweet and gentle, two wonderful qualities for a hygienist! Jill and her husband have two teenage sons, and two dogs named Sparky and Jax, also boys!


Abby was raised in Rabun County and currently lives here with her husband, Michael, and their three children.  It makes her feel great to see our patients comfortable while in the office, as well as seeing them feel confident in themself when they leave.  Abby has a huge heart for others and we are proud to have her as part of our staff.

Becky Blalock- Office Coordinator

Becky has been a cornerstone of this dental office for the last 20 years. She originally joined the office as Dr. Gillespie’s assistant, and has grown to know every aspect of the dental office. When you come in, she will likely be the first person to greet you with her bright smile and infectious laugh. If you have any questions about your treatment plan, insurance, finances, or appointments, there is no better person than Becky to help. When she’s not at the office, Becky spends time with her husband Eric and her adorable daughter, Kasi Jai.

Jordan Pollard

Jordan, a native of Rabun County, currently resides in Habersham County with her husband Dwight. They have two Dobermans named Bane and Odin. Jordan joined our office in 2021 with the goal of learning more about the career of a dental hygienist. She now works in all aspects of the office. You will find her doing everything from assisting the dentist, to greeting you at the front, to explaining treatment intricacies to patients. Jordan finds joy in building relationships with patients and being an integral part of their oral health journey. She will immediately make you feel welcome and I can’t wait for you to meet her.

Andria Gibson

Andria joined our office in 2019. She always has an upbeat attitude and will greet you with a smile. Andria lives in Rabun County with her husband, Jerry and their three children. She loves helping people feel great about their smile and can help you with anything from insurance to being chairside with the dentist. When Andria is not at work she is most likely watching her children play sports!