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Partials & Dentures

Dental Partials: A Great Way to Restore Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are something that no one ever imagines they’ll have to deal with. When it does happen – it can be devastating.

Thankfully, over the years, dental professionals have found a variety of options to restore missing teeth at an affordable price, like partials and dentures.
When implants and bridges are not the right option for a patient, the dentist may recommend a denture or a partial denture.

Types of Partials

Depending on your goals and your budget, your dentist may recommend one of the following types of partial dentures.

1. Flippers

Flippers are also known as temporary acrylic partials. These are usually made rather quickly, and have a thin, pink plastic base. Temporary partials are a great temporary solution when a tooth needs to quickly be replaced for appearances until something permanent can be made. They are not strong enough to act as a long-term partial.

2. Non-Metal Removable Partial Denture

The first type of “permanent” partial is the non-metal type. Made out of heavy duty plastics, these partials look, feel, and fit better than flippers. You can also use them to eat and chew, but because they are made of a flexible plastic, they tend to flex or slightly move when pressure is applied.

3. Removable Partial Denture with a Metal Base and Clasps

Another type of “permanent” partial is a plastic partial with a metal base. This type of partial is very strong and can better withstand chewing forces and being dropped than its non-metal counterpart. The downside of these (for many people) is that the metal clasps used to hold the partial denture in can be visible.

Complete Dentures

Sometimes, due to decay or gum disease, a patient loses all of their teeth. In this case, a complete denture can replace all of your teeth, and restore your smile, your facial appearance, and your ability to chew food.
Because there are no teeth for a complete denture to attach to, a complete denture tends to move and ‘float’ on your gums. Depending on your mouth, this movement can be small or significant. Patients who experience significant movement may elect to have 2-6 implants placed that can attach to their denture and reduce this movement.

We would be happy to discuss the treatment that would be best for your needs.

Why Patterson Family Smiles Is the Best Choice for Dental Partials

When a patient is considering a denture or partial denture, we take the time to talk to the patient about what matters to them. Once we have agreed on the appropriate treatment, we strive to provide the safest, highest quality care.

We work with only the best dental laboratories to fabricate beautiful, functional dentures for our patients.

Do you have missing teeth you’d like to restore? A denture or partial might be just what you need!! Contact our office to schedule a consultation.



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