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Root Canals

You Don’t Need a Specialist to Receive Root Canals in Clayton, GA

Anyone who has had a tooth infection knows it’s not fun. The pain can be excruciating. In most cases, the treatment required to alleviate the pain is a root canal.

When a patient in Rabun County, GA needs a root canal, they are often sent to see a specialist called an endodontist. Endodontists are dentists who’ve received specialized training in the latest root canal procedures. These specialized dentist only do root canals at their office.

At Patterson Family Smiles, the dental staff is well equipped to care for patients with dental infections who need root canals. In many cases, instead of having to leave Clayton and meet a new doctor, the patient can have the procedure done by someone they’re comfortable with. Depending on your case, you may be able to have the procedure done right here at our office.

Root Canals in Clayton, GA – What’s Involved?

A lot of people go into a root canal without really knowing what it entails. Understanding the root canal process can help ease their minds.

When a tooth has very deep decay – decay that’s gone into the nerve of the tooth – the nerve becomes irritated and inflamed because of the exposure to bacteria. This causes an infection. Many people have an abscess on their gums when this happens.

To remove the infection, the infected nerve needs to be cleaned out of the tooth. The dentist will make a small hole in the top of the tooth (if it’s a back tooth) or the back of the tooth (if it’s a front tooth). They will then go into the tooth with tiny ‘files’. These ‘files’ are like tiny brushes that clean the bad material inside your tooth. These files are used to remove the nerve and then scrub the canals so that they’re free of any residual bacteria.

The dentist will then put a rubber material into the canals to seal them, making it nearly impossible for bacteria to get in again. The final step in the root canal process is to place a crown onto the tooth. This will happen a few weeks down the road, though.

How Patterson Family Smiles Helps Patients Afford Root Canals in Clayton, GA

Root canals are one of those dental procedures that are considered a major expense. The team at Patterson Family Smiles understands that this can create a financial burden on the family.

That is why they work hard with patients to find a financial solution. One way they work to help patients financially is by billing insurance companies and accepting every major credit card. Another option they provide is free financing for six months.

The goal of everyone at Patterson Family Dental is to provide high-quality, yet affordable dental care in a safe and comfortable environment. The team strives to do this no matter what procedure they’re performing. Whether a patient is getting a standard dental cleaning or a root canal in Clayton, GA, they will receive the best this team has to offer – every time.

Do you have a toothache? Stop suffering and call us today. We’ll schedule an exam and take care of all your dental needs.



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