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Routine Cleanings

Why Routine Cleanings Are So Important

Dental cleanings are extremely important in preventing gum disease. When plaque and tarter are not properly removed, they cause inflammation and bleeding. This is the first stage of gum disease, also known as gingivitis. Gingivitis can be reversed, but if nothing is done about the plaque and tarter, they will continue to cause trouble. Eventually, built up plaque and tarter may cause full-blown periodontal disease and bone loss, something that cannot be reversed.

Periodontal disease leads to sore gums, gum infections, loose teeth, bad breath, and even the loss of teeth. Thankfully, all of this can be prevented with routine cleanings and good brushing and flossing habits. Still, there are patients who haven’t had a dental cleaning in years. They often come to their first dental appointment with advanced gum-disease. Although advanced gum disease cannot be reversed, we can work together to slow the bad effects and even stop the disease from progressing.

Regular dental exams also allow us to catch cavities and cracks in your teeth when they are small and easier to treat. This means that we can offer less expensive and shorter treatment options to keep your teeth healthy!

Lastly, we perform an oral cancer screening on every patient at every checkup. Oral cancer is very aggressive, and it is important to catch it early. We also offer advanced oral cancer screenings using a VELscope.

The Health Implications

How Dental Health Impacts Overall Health

Besides impacting a patient’s dental health, gum disease can have a profoundly negative impact on their overall health. New studies are showing links between periodontal disease and heart disease. Patients are at a higher risk for high blood pressure and heart attack. Other studies have shown that there may be a correlation between gum disease and stroke, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Getting routine dental cleanings is a vital step in preventing gum disease. With regular dental cleanings, patients can help prevent conditions that can have a devastating impact on their overall health.

Why Choose Patterson Family Smiles for Routine Cleanings

Getting a cleaning will protect not only the patients’ dental health, but their overall health in general, too. That is why Patterson Family Smiles invested in a recent renovation. The office now contains the most up-to-date dental equipment to provide the best possible service to patients.

Another benefit of coming to Patterson Family Smiles is that this is a full-service dental office. That means patients have access to routine cleanings and fillings, as well as procedures like dental implant surgery, root canals, and restorative dentistry.

The Patterson Family Smiles office is located just ¼ mile from Ingles making it easy for patients to find. Patients of all ages are welcome, from toddlers to retirees. Bring in the whole family for routine dental cleanings in Clayton, GA!

With flexible payment options and a caring staff, patients feel welcome, respected, and confident. They know they’re getting exceptional dental care when they walk through the door.

Has it been awhile since your last dental cleaning? If so, give us a call. We’ll get you scheduled for your comprehensive examination and cleaning right away.



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