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Tooth Fillings

Fillings That Are Beautiful & Functional

Nearly everyone has had a tooth filled at some point. The process for many is not always a pleasant one. But at Patterson Family Smiles, the dental team provides the best care and a safe, comfortable environment. Their goal is to ensure that all patients feel at ease while getting top quality dental treatment.
What makes Patterson Dental Smiles a superior choice for dental fillings in Clayton, GA?

The Goal of Patterson Dental Smiles is to Find Decay Early

One of the reasons dentists recommend that their patients come in for bi-annual examinations and routine dental cleanings is to keep a close eye out for decay, aka ‘cavities’.

Cavities usually start either in the small crevices on the chewing surfaces of teeth, or in between teeth at the point it touches the tooth next to it. Cavities on the chewing surface of a tooth can be detected when a dentist does a visual exam, but cavities in between the teeth can only be seen on x-rays.

If a cavity is shallow, it can be quickly and easily remedied with a filling.

However, if a cavity is allowed to continue progressing, the results could be disastrous. Deep, rampant tooth decay leads to root canals, crowns, and extractions.

Types of Fillings

When people come to Patterson Family Smiles and find out they need fillings, one of the most common questions is – will my filling be white or silver? White or tooth-colored fillings can be used for almost any type of cavity, although there are cases where a silver filling will be stronger and last longer. Rest assured, silver fillings are only placed on back teeth and only done after discussing the material with the patient.

Silver fillings, although not as pretty as white fillings, sometimes last longer and cause less sensitivity. Many patients ask if silver fillings are safe because of what they have heard from friends or the internet. Silver fillings are very safe, and there are no studies showing otherwise. Even so, if you would prefer a tooth colored filling, we can discuss ways we can make that filling material successful for your tooth!

Your dentist will talk to you about which type of filling, silver or white, is best for your tooth.

Only the Best from Patterson Family Smiles

The dental team at Patterson Family Smiles is committed to providing patients with the best. When patients come in, they can be sure they will receive the highest quality care, the best materials, and that the team will provide a pleasant experience. We file insurance for all major policies and we can also facilitate six months of no-interest financing.

With Patterson Family Smiles, patients get the best treatment in a comfortable, newly renovated office. The high-quality equipment makes dental procedures faster, easier, and more efficient.

Patterson Family Smiles is the best place to come for every dental need – from routine cleanings to tooth fillings in Clayton, GA.

Do you think you might have a cavity? Call Patterson Family Smiles today to schedule an appointment. We’ll evaluate your dental needs, including fillings, and create a custom treatment plan.



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