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What to expect at your dental appointment

Many patients feel scared or nervous when they think about visiting a dentist. At Patterson Family Smiles, we strive to ensure that your visit will be comfortable and relaxed! Oftentimes, simply knowing what to expect can reduce a patient’s anxiety.

Get Comfortable

What happens at a dental cleaning?

When you arrive for a cleaning, one of our highly trained and caring hygienists will greet you and walk you back to the treatment area. Depending on your goals and dental needs, the hygienist may recommend the following:

  • Plaque or tarter removal using professional instruments
  • Gum measurements (to check for bone loss)
  • X-Rays (to check for cavities in between your teeth)
  • Oral Cancer screenings
  • Fluoride treatments

In addition, your hygienist will recommend specific tools and methods to take care of your teeth at home, tailored to your unique needs!

All The Perks

We know that most patients are very anxious about receiving dental treatment like fillings, crowns, and extractions. To make patients feel more comfortable, we offer the following amenities. When we schedule your treatment, we will be happy to discuss how much time we expect the procedure to take, and if you can expect any sensitivity or soreness afterward.

Overhead TV

Overhead TVs with private headphones. We have full service cable, so that you can choose a favorite show or movie to help take your mind off of your appointment.


Neck pillows and fuzzy blankets. Laying back is not comfortable for some patients, so we have posture aids to help alleviate any neck or back discomfort.

Laughing Gas

Laughing gas. Some patients find that laughing gas, or nitrous gas, helps them feel more relaxed. Please let us know when you are scheduling your appointment if you would like to have this service ready for you.



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